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We are a dedicated tour cooperative providing sightseeing tours that offer a unique aperçu, not only into the most famous, must-see addresses, but also behind the scenes insights, history, emerging hot spots, hidden "jewels" and local favorites.

Each tour guide has loved the city they live in for many years, and knows its history, its culture and its quirks.  Each is fluent in the local language and at least one other European tongue. Each has joined this cooperative after meeting our high standards for knowlege, business policy and ethics, but remains independent, relying on their own excellence to retain both customers and membership with us.

Our walking tours last about two hours, other tours and excursions combine walking and public or private transport. Longer tours, special interest tours and specific group tours can be arranged.

If you plan to visit New York or Berlin and want to spend a memorable and informative few hours getting to know the city, its people and its surroundings, please contact us.
We are on sabatical right now but will be back in Spring 2007. To find out more about our Sightseeing Tours, Excursions and Tourist Services:

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